The Brothers Grimsby – That’s a Myth (In Theaters Friday)

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    Release dateMarch 11, 2016 (USA)
    The Brothers Grimsby forgoes coherent action and a gripping story for stupid, grotesque humor, but still provokes a higher ratio of riotous belly laughs than most other Hollywood comedies combined. Full review
    Gregory Wakeman·Cinemablend
    Yet for all the boundaries it ostensibly pushes, the pics mirth-to-minute ratio is notably lower than that of last years sweeter-natured Spy..Full review
    Guy Lodge·Variety
    Sacha Baron Cohen struggles with a northern accent and everything else in this unimaginative comedy. Full review
    Mark Kermode·The Guardian
    It may occasionally shock a laugh from you, but between those moments your face will be a rictus of horror. Full review
    Helen O’Hara·Empire

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