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You Watched
Anton Pictures Distribution

in association with
Zeitounian Entertainment

a George Anton film

PART 1 – Lost Identity

Produced by
Elias Zeitounian

Executive Producer
Vitaliy Versace

Story and Screenplay by
George Anton

Writing Credits
Jeffrey Leroy Smith … (Bluebeard Screenplay Adaptation)
Elias Zeitounian … (Screenplay)
Milos Momcilovic … (Bluebeard Screenplay)

Directed by
George Anton


Yvette Araujo … Ashley / Amber
Milos Momcilovic … Hollywood Director Robert Schwartz
Jessie Carter … Sherry Siemens
Greg Williams … LAPD Sam Jackson
Julia Martin … Kim / Kate
Haldane Morris … Brick
Lizelle Gutierrez … Fabulous / Susan
Mike Gerbi … Michael / Mike
Kat Lehto … Fabulouser / Detective
Geoffrey Gilbert … Nick / Medieval Soldier
Kiki Martin … Veronica / Vanessa
Joel Harkham … Rabbi
Annalisa Guidone … Josie
John Moamar … Ricardo / Rick
Kelsey Bohlen … Cassandra
Greg Stone … Joe Helicopter Pilot
Diana Hsu-Citron … Hollywood Actress
Le Lien … Mary
Nicola Plowman … Lizzie / Linda
Zoey Grace … Tina
Jeannine Corcoran … June
Ronnie Rodriguez … Johnny Depp
Jason Moore … Steinberg
Max Schneller … Charlie
Joe Filippone … Doctor
Vincent E. Cash … Tom

Gabriel Anton
George Anton

Co-Executive Producer
Adrian Anton
Soare Florin

Associate Producer
Alan Lee

Cinematography by
George Anton

Edited by
Elias Zeitounian
George Anton

Artwork Materials
Courtesy of VideoBlocks.com

Sound Operator / Boom
Elias Zeitounian
Alan Lee

Production Assistant
Alexa James
Alan Lee
Sandeep Chopra
Nicola Plowman

Costume Design by
Gabriel Escamilla

Casting by

Soundtrack Mix
Anton Music Television

Media Research provided by
Anton News Channel

Sound FX and Mix
George Anton

Music Source
Courtesy of AudioMicro Inc.
a Network Partner

inspired in part by the
1944 public domain movie
Bluebeard by Edgar G. Ulmer

Anton Pictures is not endorsed by any
Audio nor Visual products or elements that might be
copyrighted or trademarked by their respected owners.

Thank You for Watching.

Special Thanks

to all the actors involved,
for their hard work and dedication.
LIKE them on IMDb for support.
International Career Institute
6399 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 951-0028
& Gutierrez Family

4 Social Media
http://ift.tt/JVQjxJ http://youtu.be/7O88PmvrTrk


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