Cover Song by Hollywood on Mr President KimDot com MegaUpload FullMovie…

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Hi. This is Machiavelli and what you are watching is a Parody on MegaUpload that I have filmed back in 2012 when I was happy to take the fat guy off the FullMoviesOnline Throne and replace him with the current YouTube CEO. Big Mistake. The New King behaves foolishly and is affecting my Filmmaking Career. Is time for a Change of King, once again. The YouTube CEO, The King of FullMoviesOnline is dead. Long Live the King. j

FREE GOTTI AND KIM DOT COM. Please do not send the FBI to house arrest the current YouTube CEO. PEACE IN THE WORLD by George Anton. MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE to the one I Love: Conti, watch this first.… we recorded together. your voice! I love You ! great colab! This is the 2015 version! We hope the Best for Kim and for the YouTube CEO to not be arrested by the FBI and we all make peace and just remove all the illegal Full Studio Multimillion Dollars Budget movies from YouTube and we clean YouTube up so we can watch the prank videos and shit like that. YouTube did not produce a Full Movie in their life, they do not have the knowledge of filmmaking nor they have attached any relevant Hollywood Filmmakers. YouTube is a piece of shit video distribution algorithm, now any idiot can do a website like that. CONTENT IS KING. so the issue is either we clean YouTube of copyrighted content or we just make it illegal and FBI should bust their servers. Megaupload’s US attorney says that his client is just like YouTube:… yeah lol :)))) contact me – I need a job. I can help you clean youtube of copyrighted content. I know where all illegal content resides and we remove it from youtube. all illegal FullMoviesOnYouTube removed! pls hire me. i can fix the problem



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